The EconomistPublished on May 31, 2016SUBSCRIBED 817KRide-hailing apps such as Uber, Ola and Lyft are not only challenging taxi drivers around the world, they are also disrupting the car industry as a whole as people prefer to hail a ride than buy their own set of wheels.

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The Disrupters is an original series exploring how major industries—from music and cars to hospitality—are currently being disrupted by the latest wave of digital innovation. As well as enjoying privileged access into the world biggest tech start ups we show how industry giants respond when faced with such tech-driven innovation. Do they adapt—or die?

The name of Ola’s founder and chief executive officer is spelled incorrectly in this video. It should be Bhavish Aggarwal. We are sorry for the error. June 1st, 2016.

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